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Teapot Shapes I

tea rain – 茶雨 cha yu

Beauty in all shapes and sizes.


Set of 5 postcards 'Teapot Shapes I'. Mix and match with my other prints is possible.

€13,50 per Set - free shipping to Germany / €1,00 shipping fee to the EU (standard letter via German postal service)

For shipping to all other destinations visit my Etsy-Shop. Note that customs charges and other fees may apply.

Teapots are an important part of a tea session. Those little Yixing teapots are just so cute! Here are six classic shapes of Yixing teapots. For more detailed descriptions of the teapots click here.

shuiping - water level shape

shipiao - stone ladle shape

xishi - round shape, named after one of China's four great beauties. The shape is inspired by a part of the female anatomy.

longdan - the dragon egg, the elongated shape of the xishi teapot

lixing - pear shape

dezhong - the gentlemen among teapots, inspired by the cylindrical shape of a bell

A postcard full of tea culture.

Perfect as a gift for a friend, a tea lover or for yourself.

A6 format (148mm x 105mm). Printed sustainably on 100% recycled paper (350 g/m2). Note that slight color deviations can occur.

According to § 19 UStG no VAT is charged.