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Tea Bag Free Zone

tea rain – 茶雨 cha yu

Thank you for drinking decent tea.


Set of 5 postcards 'Tea Bag Free Zone'. Mix and match with my other prints is possible.

€13,50 per Set, free shipping to Germany, €1,00 shipping fee to the rest of EU (standard letter via German postal service).

For all tea lovers who don't want to drink tea dust. Thank you for drinking the decent stuff. Now you can tell all your friends about it!

Tea bags are a mass-produced product. Often, the leaves used are not of the best quality and ground down to small particles. Or it is leftover dust from the tea production. As an industry product, the taste is standardized. In gongfucha, we are looking for variety and diversity in the aroma and taste of tea, we celebrate the different nuances of tea, and even the differences in different brews. Furthermore, there is less packaging used for loose leaves. Tea bags are not even really that cheap if you compare the amount of tea you are getting. So why not drink the good stuff?

A postcard full of tea culture.

Perfect as a gift for a friend, a tea lover or for yourself.

A6 format (148mm x 105mm). Printed sustainably on 100% recycled paper (350 g/m2). Note that slight color deviations can occur.

According to § 19 UStG no VAT is charged.