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Tea Types

tea rain – 茶雨 cha yu

The six tea types.


Set of 5 postcards 'Tea Types'. Mix and match with my other prints is possible.

€13,50 per Set, free shipping to Germany, €1,00 shipping fee to the rest of EU (standard letter via German postal service).

Which six tea types are there?

green - tea with low level of oxidation

oolong - tea with medium level of oxidation

black - tea with high level of oxidation. Black tea is called 'red tea' in China.

white - the leaves are processed by simply letting them dry without other added steps.

yellow - is similar to green tea but has an added step of 'yellowing', giving this tea a warm character

dark tea - post-fermented teas that are changed by adding microbial activity. Puerh is the most common example. These teas are called 'black tea' in China.

A postcard full of tea culture.

Perfect as a gift for a friend, a tea lover or for yourself.

A6 format (148mm x 105mm). Printed sustainably with organic colors on 100% recycled paper (300g/m2).

According to § 19 UStG no VAT is charged.