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Full Gaiwan

tea rain – 茶雨 cha yu

The glass can be half full or half empty as long as my gaiwan is always full.


Set of 5 postcards 'Full Gaiwan'. Mix and match with my other prints is possible.

€13,50 per Set, free shipping to Germany, €1,00 shipping fee to the rest of EU (standard letter via German postal service).

For everyone whose gaiwan can never be too full. The motto for tea is: more is more! The gongfucha method uses a lot of tea leaves - around 5g per 100ml of water. Steeping times, on the other hand, are very short, and the tea is steeped multiple times. Some tea friends like very strong tea and increase the amount of leaves further, leaving their gaiwan stuffed to the brim.

A postcard full of tea culture.

Perfect as a gift for a friend, a tea lover or for yourself.

A6 format (148mm x 105mm). Printed sustainably on 100% recycled paper (350 g/m2). Note that slight color deviations can occur.

According to § 19 UStG no VAT is charged.