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Shapes of Pressed Tea

tea rain – 茶雨 cha yu

What do bird’s nest and golden pumpkin have in common?


Set of 5 postcards 'Shapes of Pressed Tea'. Mix and match with my other prints is possible.

€13,50 per Set, free shipping to Germany, €1,00 shipping fee to the rest of EU (standard letter via German postal service).

Tea comes in many shapes and sizes. It is pressed for easy transportation and storage. Here are some of the most classic pressed tea shapes:

沱茶 Tuo Cha - bird's nest

饼茶 bing cha - pan(cake)

砖茶 zhuan cha - brick

蘑菇紧茶 Mo Gu Jin Cha - mushroom

龙珠 Long Zhu - dragon pearl

柱茶 Zhu Cha - pillar

金瓜 Jin Gua - golden pumpkin

老茶头 Lao Cha Tou / 碎银子 Sui Yin Zi / 茶化石 Cha Hua Shi - old nuggets / broken silver / fossil

For more information on any shape visit my blog

A postcard full of tea culture.

Perfect as a gift for a friend, a tea lover or for yourself.

A6 format (148mm x 105mm). Printed sustainably on 100% recycled paper (350 g/m2).

According to § 19 UStG no VAT is charged.